Before the arrival of recreation and entertainment to our farm, please read the Rules of Procedure.
Internal Rules of Procedure:
Arrival-departure time - agreed (to be coordinated with hosts). 

Guests are required to: 
Arrival at the homestead, agreed to pay the full cost of rent and a nominal deposit 500 Lt which is refunded. If
guests spend shorter rental time than has been agreed, the owner is not request to return the tax; access to safe behavior, fire safety, and the internal rules of procedure; 
subscription to additional paid services homesteads for them to pay immediately; 
before leaving the homestead to attend upon leased premises, as well as property of hosts.
orderly use of electrical devices to prevent their use in children. Do not leave unattended electrical appliances and turn the radio or TV; 
smoking only in designated areas, and cigarette ends thrown in just for a container; 
just put the wood in designated areas away from open flames; 
burning sauna leave unattended children and prevent children from playing near the fire. 

smoking in indoor; 
without the owner permission to keep pets and dogs for the homestead and other animals;


To comply with fire safety codes and regulations.
In homestead territory fire can create a special place- fireplace and barbeque. Do not leave the fire unattended, leaving it to extinguish the fireplace. 
Children swim, rent a boat, fishing is permitted only with adults. 
Sports facilities for use solely as intended. 
Guests totally financially responsible for damaged or destroyed and the homestead within the movable and immovable property (material damage for the customer is liable in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania). 
Guests or children the same injury or damage their property due to their fault, violation of safety codes, fire safety and rules of procedure, the service provider was responsible. 
For other possible accidents that may occur inside the house, yard, sauna or swimming in the water are themselves responsible vacationers.
For incidents of alcohol, the responsibility of the guest. 
Parents or carers must ensure children’s safety.
The main developer undertakes to familiarize participants in the fire and safety codes of conduct and be fully responsible for the security of absent groups.




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